Thank You! (Anniversary of my blogging tribute)

(Thanks to Sarah for my super cute apron!)

I just realized that I have had my blog for one year now! It's been going great and I love sharing my cakes, recipes, and thoughts with everyone.  My blog has spread the word about my cakes to some sweet people who I have been so lucky to work with and make cakes for.  I am so blessed to have friends and family that have supported my baking and decorating, spread the word to their friends, and let me take over the kitchen to create a mess.  My mother refers to me as a Tasmanian devil when I'm in the kitchen as I run around and have stuff everywhere in the kitchen, but I always clean up! :) 

Thank you to all of my supporters who give me compliments and the courage to keep decorating and baking (especially to those who taste the cakes for me :)

Thank you to those who follow my blog and give me reason to keep writing.

Thank you to those who have allowed me to continue baking and decorating by asking for my cakes.  I have enjoyed every moment (even the difficult ones).

Thank you!

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