Gluten Free

One interesting fact about me is that I have Celiacs Disease and I eat gluten free (I don't eat wheat, oats, rye, or barley), which means I don't eat any of my cakes or baked goods (I don't lick the beaters or even munch on the leftover cake). I make all of my customer's cakes/cookies with wheat flour (like any normal cake/cookie), unless anyone who is lucky enough, like me, to have Celiacs Disease and asks for a Gluten Free cake.

You may wonder why or how I make cakes FILLED with gluten... I must torture myself, right?  Right!  But strangely, the cakes that I "work on" are no longer objects of food to me, but are now my creations. After baking and decorating countless cakes, I no longer crave them (only sometimes when I open the oven at the right moment and catch the fresh baked smell).

I am working on providing myself with the satisfaction of delicious desserts, just like I do all of my customers, so I strive to find yummy GF recipes and I will try to post them. I know how difficult it is to find good recipes and all ingredients needed for a GF dessert, so I want to make it a little easier for my fellow Celiacs out there.