Baby Shower

Heather, a good friend from grade school and throughout the years, asked me to do a cake for her sister's baby shower.  When she told me the colors were pink and brown, I was so excited and couldn't wait to start brainstorming.  Heather gave me full reign of the design of the cake, so I really got to thinking. She said the baby's bedding is pink and brown so I ran with that and started "googling" baby bedding.  I decided on a simple, cute, elegant cake with polka dots and elegant scrolling-type designs. 
I was finally able to do an entire cake with my cricut cake machine.  There are special "frosting sheets" made for the cricut cake machine, so I decided to try them out instead of using gum paste or fondant, and it worked great! I was so happy with the outcome of the cake! I love pink and brown together and how cute for a precious baby girl!

Congratulations Lisa!

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